Hi, All,
I just had my gallbladder removed on Feb18/08. Recovery seemed really smooth but on the 8th day, I woke up with this sharp pain/cramping on my lower right abdomen (along the waistline and back). On the 9th day, my period (which did not arrive the month before) arrived; normally, when I miss on a month, I get bad menstrual pains the next time it comes.

I'm not sure if I'm confusing the pain I'm feeling with menstrual pains. The pain is steady/constant/tight. Regular pain relief meds (Advil 400s) have not helped, and I didn't want to go back to my Tylenol 2s because I was told they could cause constipation. With the exception of one diarrhea incident (luckily at home), I have had normal voiding.

What I also noticed today is that if I stand/walk around for too long, the pain intensifies. I do get some relief when I sit down, although the pain never really goes away.

I went to see my surgeon today, who did not think there was something wrong relative to the laparoscopic surgery. He checked all the incisions and advised me that if there were any complications post surgery, it wouldn't be coming up only now but soon thereafter.

On my own, I saw an accupuncturist today for pain management. While I was there, I was treated to accupuncture (+the heat they pose on your pained areas is sooo good) and some excellent accupressure (massage). I will return on Saturday for additional treatments. Hopefully, the pain will go away.