To anyone who maybe able to help!!

For the last 9 months i have been getting cuts/fissures on my foreskin that appear a number of hours after sexual intercourse, they seem to be particularly bad if any rough contact has occured. They are not always in the same place just the same kinda area, and they do not itch or burn but can get irritable when touched upon inspection. They usually clear up without a trace within 48hrs, so by the time i can get an appointment at the GU clinic they have usually gone, making me appear slightly crazy and over anxious to the doctors. Despite this i have had all STD tests including two serology blood tests for Herpes as this was, and while i cant get an answer still is my primary concern. Fortunately tests came back negative but i still dont have a definitive answer to attribute this problem and its driving me insane to the point where i now avoid intimate contact for fear of passing on an infection. I also suffer from severe anal itching which is surpressed by aqueous cream but at times is really severe, i dont know if this could be connected?? Anyone out there with any advice on this i would greatly appreciate your thoughts as i just want my itimate life to return and feel normal again :-)