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I have currently being having sexual intercourse and masturbating quite a lot. I have stopped because i have noticed it has become painful to retract my foreskin. On closer inspection I have a few little cuts around the top. A man being a man i left it "It'll run it's course" I couldn't have been more wrong, today i was inspecting to see what was happening when i noticed a red rash underneath the foreskin and a little red spot on the very tip. It is extremely painful to urinate and even touching it causes severe amount of pain. Thank You if you have any remedies or advice



Where is the red spot? On the glans itself? When did this develop?

It could just be from overuse. Give yourself a few days to heal. Are you using any lube or condoms? They could be drying the skin. If it is condoms, are you using latex? You may be developing an allergy.

For now wash with a mild soap and keep it clean and dry.

If the spot changes or you notice a discharge see your doctor.