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Hi, this is my first post and im a little worried

I have had blood in my poo and in the toilet bowl for last several months and have had skin tags for years. I finally went to the doctors today who was very vague with me. I also have a drop of 10mm in bp when i stand and are getting quite lightheaded alot not always from just standing up sometimes when sitting or lieing which is also accompanied with nausea. I have not actually passed out yet but have come very close with bright white lights.

I also have stomach cramps sometimes especially when i eventually do go to loo (about once every 3 days) and when i need to go i have to go there is no 2 ways about it! i am not constipated as its not that hard and i dont get diarrhea and its like my whole body has to force it out. I am also very gassy and it smells quite abit i also randomly experience my cheeks just getting very hot. I am presuming this is not hemorrhoids or anal fissures as she said she couldnt feel anything internally and has sent me for a 'C + S investigative of blood mucus stool test' whatever that is for?!? as i said she was vague... If anyone knows please enlighten me as i cant find no trace of an 's' test on the net.

dose anyone have an idea of what is wrong with me as she wouldnt tell me anything except to just wait for the results and im really quite worried about this.



Hi Soul

Its not nice having to wait for an answer to 'what's this all about'.

Your symptoms could have a multitude of causes, particularly the blood in stool. For a health professional, diagnosing accurately can be quite a process of elimination - particularly with internal issues like this. I'm not sure what 'c + s' stands for either - perhaps 'culture & stain' as instructions for the lab???

I know its annoying to wait, but hang in there, as your doctor is likely to be closer to the answer after the test results come in.

Hope this helps a little. Let us know how you go.

Regards, Olwen :-)