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my husband has had this problem for about 5 months now where the very tip of his foreskin has cracked and become very itchy. He has also complained about white discharge occasionally.

He has used canestan cream as we initially thought it was thrush but that didnt seem to work so he used sudocrem instead which helped initially but then his foreskin cracked again.

Obviously sex has become a problem because even with condoms his foreskin is being pulled back which then makes it very sore for him.

We tried initially to see if we could get the standing soldier to calm down a bit in order for him not to be so erected but that didnt seem to work at all.
We have also had oral sex and simple masturbation which seems to have been easier however after he ejaculates he is in pain again and the tip of his foreskin goes bright red and swells up.

As most men are embarassed to visit the doctor or GU clinic as my husband is i was wondering if there is anything we could do to fix this? Or if you have any idea what this could be?

The reason we thought thrush was because of the discharge and itchy feeling but it is only itchy when the skin cracks and the discharge is not a constant thing.

He has no sores or lumps, no pain when urinating, i havent had thrush or a cough or cold (oral part), i have been to the GU clinic and i am all clear so any help would be useful and the most direct approach is best with me if you are thinking has he slept with someone else? He has said no and i do believe him however these things dont just appear out of no where do they??????


Some people I know have the same problem