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I slept wt my bf on da day of my ovulation as I counted n it was unprotected so then on da 11th ot 10th day after that I got brown discharge and been eeling bloated that I even thot that I was pregnant, and been having dis pain on my lower abdomen but after getting brown discharge for about two days I got my period, I never got brown discharge before and when I google about it I found out that it could be an early pregnancy sign, pls guys ur input will be helpful I want 2 go 2 da dr. Atleast having a clue of what myt be happening 2 me, tnx


Really almost any symptoms can be a sign of pregnancy because everyones pregnancy is different. The symptoms you described feeling are associated with your period also. If you had brown discharge it could of just been left over uterine wall lining coming out from your last period. If you got your period it is very unlikely you are pregnant. When you get a period your uterine wall lining is shed and it will expell the egg out of you with the blood. You can make an appointment with your doctor or just do a home pregnancy test in the morning with your first urine of the day to help set your mind to ease.