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I am only 12 I have had my period 2 times but missed my third time  about 2 weeks after it was due I found dark brown stuff in my vagina it was clumpy. I put on a pad and not a lot comes out. I have masturbated before but have never had sex I am super scared could you please tell me. I told my mom that  I got my third period (I lied). should I tell her about this dark brown stuff when I don't even know what is happening to me?  


There are several reasons for brown discharge. Since you're not having sex you can rule out pregnancy and std's. You will get a brown discharge from left over uterine wall lining expelling itselfs. When having a period the lining will shed but sometimes the whole lining wont shed. During your next period or sometimes in the middle of the month you will get a little of it shedding and it will appear brown. It looks brown because it is dead cells. Since your just starting your periods and your young it is very common to miss a period. If you are really skinny or play sports it will cause you to miss a lot of periods. After a few years your periods will level out and start working like clock work every month. You should be open and honest with your mother because lying will only cause trust problems in the future.