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help quick i a on my period and have passed a lg tissue d/c from my vagina what i it?


Hi there! You shouldn’t be alarmed from occasional blood clots during your period.
Do you know what periods are? Periods mean that you are excreting the lining of the uterus that has been created during ovulation to accept the baby if the egg has been fertilized during sexual activities. If and when pregnancy doesn’t occur, this lining is shed out of the uterus, through vagina, outside and this is what we call the period.

So, what we are shedding is this uterine tissue mixed with blood.
The appearance of blood clots depends on the rate of blood loss from the lining of the uterus. If the flow is slow, you may experience dark blood with only few clots. If the flow of blood is fast and there is a lot to be shed, then you may experience clots, which only means that blood collected in pockets and is being excreted as a clot. They could even appear to be black, or brown liver-like clots.

You see, there is nothing to worry about. Do you get severe pain around your periods, bleed when you’re not due or have frequent heavy periods, etc?