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I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with molluscum. I received cryogenic treatment on a large bump and on a smaller one I didn't even notice myself.

The larger one persisted, the small one left. Now the area where the smaller one used to be has a much larger 2-4cm skin darkening, it's almost in the shape of a peanut. It is not at all raised or different texture, it's just that my skin in that area is noticeably (though barely) darker in color. It's not a BLACK spot, but just a bit darker than my normal skin tone.

Is this a normal effect of cryotherapy? Or may I have been diagnosed and instead have something more serious such as HPV?


I am in the exact same situation! I was diagnosed with genital warts, had them treated by being frozen off and now, several weeks later, have noticed one semi-circular purplish/black spot on the inner part of my vaginal lip. Is this an effect of the treatment? Or is this something entirely different?? The spot is not raised nor do I have any other symptoms at all.