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I'm a virgin but I briefly went out with a guy who rubbed his penis above my vagina. I have quite a few moles all over my body but recently I noticed what looked like a wart, raised, and slightly reddish-brown in my pubic area. The thing is, it's not in/on the vagina itself, but placed quite squarely between my vagina and my thigh. I think I saw it there a few months ago and tried to cut it off, but it seems bigger now and more pronounced.

Like another poster, I looked it up and looked for pictures but all of those warts were directly in the vaginal area while mine is not. Could it be a genital wart gone astray? Or might it be cancerous? Please help!


Please see a doctor and don't listen to people on the Internet. Homeopaths can help too, but see a doctor first. Don't treat it yourself or try to cut it off, whatever it is. You can make matters worse.