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is there any cure/ medicine to make a person de-addicted to sex.


is these a disease associated with mental illness?




Yo ho Lunminlal Haokip,

There are medications out there, but you would have to be prescribed them by a professional and most likely, be undergoing some form of therapy at the same time. That said- a psychiatrist may not even prescribe you a sexual repressor medication (which is a kind of chemical castration), as they are usually used for people with severe learning difficulties, who still have a sexual appetite, and extreme sexual deviants.

Firstly, if you believe that you or someone else may have a sexual addiction, you (or that person) needs to see a mental health professional, as Yes- sexual addiction is a mental health issue, just like addiction of any sort. But please don't fall in the ignorant realm of thinking that addiction is a 'disease'- it's not. EVERYONE is addicted to something, it's a part of the human personality. 

Secondly, I would like to know what you think a sex addiction is. How extreme is it? A healthy sexual appetite is normal and while you think it's abnormal, what you are experiencing may be a perfectly average!

Check back- add more details & you might get some more help.