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i am 32 weeks pregnant and addicted. i have tried many times before and throughout my pregnant to quit but it just seems impossible. i hate that im doing this and i have absolutely no one to talk to about it. my fiance, mother, brother, no one knows. i am addicted to pain killers, anything my 'dealer/friend' can get. i tell her they are for someone else. i am caught in this web of lies due to this addiction. please..if someone has the same problem i would love to talk to you and maybe we could help eachother. i know its stupid because this is the internet but i feel like this is the only place i can speak about this without as much shame. please, help.


Hi There,

I can understand that you need someone to talk too, because this is serious. I am not nor have I ever been pregnant, neither addicted. I am not here to judge you either. I just want to know, have you built a bond with that growing baby inside of you? If not, maybe you should try doing that because babies are the most miraculous things GOD has ever created and I think you wouldn't have to think twice about choosing between; fulfilling a craving or having a healthy baby. The baby should not be punished because he/she (not it) did not ask to be here. I am not a professional, and I can not diagnose you, but I love kids more than anything, and if you do too, you would do whatever it takes to make sure your unborn child arrives healthy, otherwise you may fall into a deeper depression from regret. I don't think you need to spend money talking to a professional either, because you already know what the problem is, you admitted that, now its time for step 2, replace your addiction to pills with an addiction to loving your baby, or something else less hazardous than your current addiction. (Also, you might want to think about the things in your life causing you to rely on pills to "get away", and remove those things/persons from your life) I know it's easier said than done, but it is worth a shot. Wishing you much luck with recovery.