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Well, this is nothing like i've seen or read about anywhere in my life before, nor do i know a friend or a person having this issue. I do realize i am not a Nose expert although i think this one is a tricky one. It started couple of years ago with feeling mild pain between my eyes... It went on and on like that with me thinking it is just a pain i was experiencing due to being overworked and having pressure upon me with completing certain tasks. During that period i was also suffering from depression, if it is worth mentioning. It went from bad to worst, the pain kept increasing when i was working hard and sometiems i would even start feeling it while i was asleep.

As time went by the feeling besides mild pain, was turning more and more into a pressure pressure pushing upward my nose and heading in between the eyes. As if a nail is being hammered in my nose heading upward. Not too long ago i felt it was receding to a certain lvl and a new sensation started ocuring. Whenever i push the right lower part of my nose cartilage i feel a pain as if there is a needle in there. Here comes the interesting part now... Whenever i push it very hard i feel as if i am pushing out something out of the inside of my nose (not the nostrils but the area between the cartrilage and the skin, i have a feeling as if i have a dead tissue in there that needs to be pushed out) and ohboy was i right. One morning i wake up feeling a large pulp thing in my right nostril thinking it was nothing but a dried out booger. Boy was i wrong, it hurt a lot trying to get it out and i started feeling as if i am tearing something out of the inside of my nose, right out of that area between the cartrilage and the skin as if an entire strain of a dead tissue is about to be pulled out. It hurt a lot but i managed to pull it out, and at the same time i felt a mild relaxing feeling as if a pressure was relived for a moment. This went on happening couple of times, every once in a couple of days i would wake up with the same pulp thing tissue and it hurts like hell pulling it out and th stuff that coms out is no booger it is very hard to split almost as a dead skin.

I cannot help but feel as if there is something in my nose trying to push stuff up, as if someone is hammering my nose bones upwards in my skull. I am in desperate help, i did an x ray and they couldnt find anything wrong besides a reduced nose, i am not sure of the exact translation to english something like reduced nostrils or reduced nose cartrilage or something of that sort. But it is definitely not a sinus problem nor i have something stuck in my empty areas of the nostrils, more like something in the cartrilage... Please help ? Should i consult a plastic surgeon or an expert ?


That sounds horribly painful and well scarey. Have you been to an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)? They can send a scope into the nose, and other ways to check it out., this sounds kind of gross but I would take what is coming out of your nose to the doctor, go a step further and get someone to video record when this is going on, keep a log as well. There is definitely a problem. Keep at it, sometimes ypu really have to hammer hard to find answers.