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I last got my period on the 10th of feb. My partner and i got a bit out of hand a week after, the saturday after meaning. No intercourse took place, just a bit of heavy petting. + he didnt come any where close to my vagina. A week later, however, i experienced a bit of tender breasts which i usually get but i am not sure whether my nipples are dark or not. I think they are dark though.

what do you think? I'm expecting my period to come this week. 8-|


It could be just pre period syptoms, and thats it, but it can also indicate pregnancy as well..I would say that if your period doesnt come when its suppose to then take a home pregnancy test just to see...Hope this helps..If you have any more questions please let me know and I will try to answer them the best way that I can...


i too was worried about these signs also but got what seemed to be my period last week i had sore tender breasts and i also think my nipples and aeriola have darkened and enlarged!!!!

i had a normal period though although it was late by a week i put it down to takin the morning after pill the last time i had my period.

i dont know now what is causing the darkening and enlargement of my nipple and surrounding area as i took a pregnancy test last week the day before i got my period and it was negative and have not had sex since then so i dont know what is causing this

any advice ideas anyone??


Thing like sore dark nipples,food craving,weight gain in the lower part of your body can all be due
to a hormone imbalance which can be very commen in the age rage of early 20's to 40's .
But it could also be pregnancy the best thing for you to do is go to your local supermarket or doctors and stress your concerns,
try Clearblue digital its the best pregnancy testing method around .
Your pregnancy hormone is combined with HGS (Human chorionic gonadotropin) if it very low sometimes you won't get a positive reading
make sure you do you test first thing in the morning because strong and dehydrated urin has the best reading for HGS.
If it doesnt change try consult your GP again and actually get them to listen .
Sometime they may test you via a blood test being taken to test your hormone .
Good luck hope this helps :D