About 7 years ago I had a subtotal colectomy due to chronic/colonic inertia syndrome that I suffered from since childhood. I was told initially, when leaving the hospital 20 lbs under my weight that I went in with, that I may have to be careful not to get too thin. But instead I regained the 20 lbs within about 8 months and now have gradually gained about 15 more lbs. In the past several months the weight seems to be creeping on more rapidly. I work out regularly and eat healthy, just as I did before the surgery. I have never even kept junk food in my home and still dont. (makes my kids nuts!)
I now suffer from terrible depression, which I am not sure if I can blame on the surgery, but it started right after and hasnt gone away. I also have terrible chronic pain on the lower left side of my abdomen...when I sit down or lie on my back it feels like something is stabbing upward into my ribcage. My ribs, by the way have sunk in quite drastically and my waist has increased by about 3 inches. I have terrible abdominal pain for hours after I eat. But even if I dont eat at all and drink just water, I still feel some pain and always feel bloated. My weight seems to continue to graduate up no matter the type of diet I consume. My stomach is puffy, soft and tender to the touch, something I never had before either. I have felt very discouraged by the results of the surgery and cant seem to find any help or understanding. The scar is huge and crooked. I hate it, but I have been able to tolerate it alot more than the other issues. I have way too many bowel movements most of the time and other days constipation. Traveling(which is a part of my career) has become difficult for me. The biggest frustration of all is, my doctor passed away a few months after my surgery, the last few doctors I have seen have not been able to find my medical records and they seem to be clueless and unconcerned regarding my issues. I cant stand the weight gain or tha pain. I hate feeling so bloated and tender. Does anyone have any dietary advice? I was never given any. I am educated in herbology and homeopathic medicine and was a natural bodybuilder for about 12 years, so I know what is normally required to stay slim and fit. But, nothing I try seems to be working now. Am I supposed to way cut down on food, or eat more? I feel so frustrated! Any advice would be so greatly appreciated!