I am almost 3 years from my Colectomy for colonic inertia and removal of some of my small intestine for Chrons. I developed Cdiff in the hospital and it took them 8mos to clear it up. I have had diaherra for this entire time, been hospitalized several times and lost 25 lbs I could not afford to lose. Recently I was put on Humira. It has slowed down the diaherra, but my pain has increased. I go less, but I feel like I have to go(severe cramps, lots and lots of pressure) all the time, and it takes a couple of hours to go once that starts, so I am actually spending more time in the potty because I feel like I am going to go any minute but don't and having more pain. How can this be? I don't even know what to tell my doctor anymore.. This was supposed to help. It feels like it has stop my ability to go but not my intestines from trying to go.... Does this make any sense.. Am I alone, is this normal. Frankly I would rather go back to pooping every hour, at least after I go I have some time not hurting, this way I hurt all the time. Help please