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Any information on weight loss after SubTotal Colectomy? I've read about the weight gain, i want to get information about weight loss.


Hey Delvira my father had subtotal colectomy. He was experiencing diarrhea and some pain around the scar but no weight loss or gain. And it first it was very hard for him to get used to everything. Changing bags was the most difficult part but after a while he stopped to complain about it. 

And the diet is very important. He can't eat fruits and vegetables at all because they are hard to digest. You will get some directions from your surgeon about post operative actions. There will be a list of foods you should avoid. And it would be wise to follow these instructions. 

As I can conclude from your post you had subtotal colectomy or I have mistaken? And if you did what would you say about the procedure itself? My father was sharing his experience with some other people and they have said it was very helpful.