48 female in general good health.
5ft 4" and weight 98 lbs.
normal bowel movement is once every 2 weeks, have had a colonoscopy 6 years ago and it was clear but a doctor thought I might have colonic inertia and advised no surgery but to increase fiber. I've been doing that since and still bowel movement only once every 2 weeks. Recently in the past few months these are my symptoms:

extended stomach/bloating (pretty large)
swelling in legs and thighs that lasted 8 days.
One bout of diarrhea
since then 5 days ago, I have pain in back and lower abdomen. I would rate the pain as a 5.

Entended stomach does not increase or decrease after meals, Pain does not increase or decrease after meals either.

I would like any advice I can get on this. I'm not one to run to the doctor over something I feel isn't too bad, but would like other's that maybe have had or been diagnosed with same symptoms as me.

If my pain continues or rather it something rears it's ugly head I will go see a doctor.

Thank you