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I am a 23 yrs old unmarried girl. I am suffering from "VAGINAL WHITE DISCHARGE" since 5-7 yrs.In early years it was very less, but it slightly increased since last one year. And it has increased much in the last month, occurring 3-4 times daily.Mostly the discharge is curd like, sometimes it is jelly like. It is odourless. My periods come with a delay of 4-5 days. My menstrual pains have increased since last 5 yrs. In the last 1.5 years, I lost 5 kgs weight, but also regained 3 kgs after that.. Last week I underwent a "URINE CULTURE TEST" on the advice of my gynaecologist.The results were as follows: Microorganisms: COAGULASE NEGATIVE STAPHYLOCOCCI & CANDIDA Colony count: > 105 cfu/ml 1. Plz tell me about its severity & how long will it take to get rid of this infection? 2. Will only medicines & creams be given as treatment? 3. Why I got infected with this? I HAVE NEVER CREATED A PHYSICAL RELATION, but my gynaecologist says that this Coagulase Negative Staphylococci is due to physical relation only. I have MASTURBATED WITH A PEN several times. Can this infection be due to masturbating?? 4. Is my discharge only due to this infection?


Hi Ayesha,

1. You have a staph and yeast infection.  Both are common.  The staph infection indicates a urinary tract infection. 

2. You will likely be prescribed antibiotics and possibly a cream for the yeast infection.  It may clear up on its own.

3. You don't need to have had a "physcial" relation.  Urinary tract infections are common in women.  No, it's not due to masturbation.

4. The infections can increase your discharge.  Some discharge is considered normal.

Hope it helps.