i woke up swith my vagina a little itchy so i used vagisil because i thought it was just a yeast infection, well throughout the day i noticed swelling of my vagina lips so i called my mom and she took me to urgent care after school. at first they thought it was just a skin rash but then during the examination they found a little bit of yellow discharge. they took samples and are testing them for gonorrhea and chlamydia and they put me on two different medicines: doxycycline hyclate & cefuroxime axetil, both of this treat for bacterial infections, gonorrhea and urinary tract infections.
the medicine seems to be helping.
i really hope its just an infection or a uti because im not sure how i would tell my dad that i have gonorrhea or chlamydia.
what does is sound like to you?
gonorrha, chlamydia, or a urinary tract infection?