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I am a diabetic, insulin dependent. In the last 3-4 months I have had pain in my back on both sides but mainly on my left. I started wiping blood 2 months ago and it stopped. Again, I am having pain along with a UTI problem. Why after all this time am I starting to see blood? Please help.



Diabetes is a condition that doesn’t help with your urinary system and it can cause you many complications. How long have you been diabetic? The pain in your back indicates that this can be caused by kidney stones of kidney infection. Is the blood dark red or brown? The color of blood can show you where is your blood coming from. However the chances are that this can also be caused by urinary tract infection. Have you noticed any pain when you urinate? The good thing is that most of this can be treated with antibiotics but you have to talk to your doctor about combining antibiotics and insulin and see if there will be any side effects at all.