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I am looking into what weight loss shakes to take.  I am diabetic so are they any that I shouldn't drink?  Which ones are the best?  Has anyone tried any of the weight loss shakes like Slim Fast or Adkins?  Do they taste good?  Do they fill you up and keep you from being hungry for a while?  I want something I can stick to.  Thanks!


Hello, I don't know if it is the best idea that you use weight loss shakes to lose weight.  You do not want to eat less than your doctor or dietician recommends.  If you use them occasionally, it would be o.k.  Just be sure to read the labels.  Some weight loss shakes are very high in sugar!  There are the worst ones to consume because of the refined carbohydrate content that can rapidly raise blood sugars.  There are other weight loss shakes that are low in carbohydrates, like Atkins, but you still need to read the label to ensure you are not going over your carbohydrate allotment. It is the matter of taste preference for many people; the powdered shakes seem to be more grainy in texture and the ready-to-drink shakes are smooth.  If you are going to add weight loss shakes to your diet, find one that is high in nutrients, low in carbs and fat, and don't replace more than one meal or snack a day.  It is better to eat more fruits and vegetables with natural fiber.  To boost the fiber in your shakes, try adding flax seed or chia seed. 

So, is there anybody that is diabetic AND that uses weight loss shakes to lose weight?  Let us know your experiences and if you lost weight adding these to your diet, or if you had trouble with your blood sugar in doing so.