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I am a twenty-four year old that  has diabetes.  I weigh about 250 pounds and I want to lose 110 pounds over the next year.  It will be my new years resolution!!!  I am thinking about proteins shakes.  I know I need to watch my carbohydrates and since protein shakes do not have much of carbs, I think that they should be ok.  I want to replace 2-3 of my meals a day, if I can.  Keep below 1200 calories.  I think I will lose a lot of weight that way.  Does anyone have a suggestion of good protein shakes? :)


Hello, Guest!  I would be wary of consuming less than 1200 calories in order to lose weight.  I know that many people think this is the approach needed to lose extra pounds but it is not safe, especially in diabetics.  You shouldn't use the shake to replace any of your meals because they just don't have enough carbohydrates in them to keep your blood sugars from taking a dive.  If you want to lose weight, adhering to the diabetic diet is the best way to do it and adding exercise to your schedule.  Pick an activity that you really enjoy and will stick with.  This will ensure that you will not look at it as a "chore."  If you can get a friend to join in on the activity, that would be great.  Not only is it more fun to do it with someone, you will have to be accoutable to someone to show up and do your activity.  If you do a protein shake at all, replace your snack during the day with it, and add a piece of fruit with it.  You can blend the fruit right in with your shake and make it a smoothie.  Good luck with your weight loss and getting your sugars managed!