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Hi!  I am new to this forum but I hope I can get some good input from you!  I am looking for some really good weight loss pills that will help me lose the weight I need to lose.  I want to lose 100 pounds by next May.  I can't do it on my own.  I have tried but I keep wanting to eat.  I am diabetic so is there any good pills out there for diabetics?  I don't want to get any prescriptions because they are so expensive.  I would like to maybe try Alli because it blocks the fat from absorbing into the body, or maybe the one that Anna Nicole Smith used to lose her weight?  I need something to rev up my metabolism, maybe absorb the fat I eat.  I would like to try maybe something the Jillian Michael's has out.  She seems to be a trustworthy source.  Would anyone like to recommend anything to me?  I would like to know what would be best for someone with diabetes for sure.  Anyone diabetic out there that has used any of the over the counter diet pills?  Thanks so much!


There are really no great weight loss pill for diabetic patients.  You could try Alli but it is known to cause much gastric upset and frequent oily stools that you may not be able to contain.  It causes diarrhea and also the oily substance that isn't taken up by the body can leak out onto your underwear leaving an unsightly orange stain.  It isn't offered over the counter in prescription strength so it may not be as effective anyway.  To speak of other weight loss pills, they rely on caffeine and other substances that make your heart rate increase along with your blood pressure.  You would be better off just incorporating walking into your daily regime and get better results in a healthier way.