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I am diabetic and I just ate a KFC burger and now I am feeling tired and sleepy. Why do I feel tired and sleepy after I eat. Is this normal or is it my diabetic condition. I can't remember feeling this way before I was diagnosed with diabetes but of course I was a lot younger then. Maybe I wasn't paying attention. Sometimes I'm sleepy for an hour or so after I eat. I feel like I need to lay down for a while. Should I lay down or would it be better to get up and exercise. Does anyone else have this problem. Need help!


Many people have a problem with feeling tired and sleepy after eating something, so you are not alone. There are several possibilities for this condition. Often times, how you feel after you eat depends on what you eat. You need to consider that many of our foods are processed, contain a lot of sugar and fat. These types of foods are difficult to digest and have poor quality nutrition. You know a KFC burger is really something you don't want to eat. The meat quality is poor and the bread is full of sugar. Where are the nutrients you need. I think you'll find if you make healthier food choices that provide you with healthy fats, protein and carbs, your body and brain will function better. You should be energized when you eat not tired and sleepy. I suggest you stay away from fast food hamburgers, French fries, chips and sodas and I think you'll find you feel a whole lot better.


Another factor that can contribute to being tired and sleepy is eating too much food. Try to limit that amount you eat and eat more often. A large meal can take several hours to digest and that will certainly make you sleepy. It's also important to eat at the same times each day. Skipping breakfast is not a good idea. I'm sure you've heard it is the most important meal of the day. You're body has been fasting over night and needs to be fueled. Breakfast is a must and it should be a healthy choice. Consider oatmeal, fruit and perhaps an egg.