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i need help a few years back my dad told me i need to cut down on my food, and so i made a stand to eat no more fast food, KFC, burger king, mac dolands.

Its now 2 years later and my dad left us about 1 year ago and now my mum is moaning at me because i refuce to each "junk food" like choclate bars, and fast food.

here is what i eat normaly

Breakfast (nothing)

Lunch( tracker bar, 2 oranges, sandwich with ham and cheese, water, apple turnover)

In between lunch and dinner ( about 5 small sweets like 10 haribo thingys) not a bag XD

Dinner ( heres an example of last night, 3 sasuges, bake beans, hast browines)

Desert ( ice cream corneto)

Now tell me is that under eating? im trying to loes weight but its hard when she tries to put extra choc and food in my lunch box >.>

She says shes gonan take me to a doctor and all but i think shes wrong. Im fat i know it and she just keeps telling my im not, im not one of those kids who says there fat when there not. My face is chubby and i even grab the flab at the bottem of my stomach >.>

Please reply and tell me if im way way undereating. I hate her so much >.>.

I swear if this carries on ill just rebel even more and turn vegy, iv told her to leae me alone but she wont.
btw im 15 and do around my 1h of exercise a day *tramperlene what has made my muscles in my leg big XD but i dont mind them as i know its mainly muscle jsut my stomage i dont like.


For a male your age, you should be eating at least 1800 calories. The best way to keep track of that is keep a food diary. Breakfast should be a number 1 priority. Make that your biggest meal.You need to eat 3 normal meals per day and 3 snacks of 100 calories per day.Keep up the exercise.We all need to do that daily.Hope that helps you.