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I was diagnoised poly cystic ovaries 3 yrs before,for that i got treatment and my period was normal. Now I missed my period, my last period was on june 15, on july 27 i got little bleeding only for 2 days, until now i didnt get my period. I did home pregnancy test, it was negative.

I have symptoms like nausea, frequent urination, constipation,back pain, often tiredness,irritation, slight lower abdominal pain,and I feel my stomach is hard nd little bigger than normal, and i also gained weight . I went to doc she did urine test it shows negative, then i went for ultra sounds ,it was not clear,so the docter says i am not pregnent nd given me tablet to have my periods.

still i dont have the scan reports. doc says that women with pcos is very less chance to get pregnant,after treatment also
after treatment also there is no guarntee that i ll get pregnent .I am confused,to have the tablets or should i need to wait.I am already 27 want to have a baby.Is there any chance to have baby with cyst. or i ll never get pregnant. Really need advice.


With PCOS, depending on the severeity (and I can't tell based on what you've said thus far) you can stil get pregnant. Have oyu talked to a fertility specialist? I think it may be a good idea.