I had my son over 19 months ago and didn't have any of these issues until about 4 to 5 months after I had my son.  I was diagnosed with Diabetic neuropathy & carpal tunnel.  Since then I have tried several therapies as suggested by my primary doctor, endocrinologist & neurologist.  As I sit here today I am far worse off then when I started all of this.  I have severe sleep issues getting 3 hours or so at night.  I am now completely depending upon a cane to just walk from one room to the next.  I have just recently turned 31 years old, this is not normal.  I have been found legally disabled which is somewhat helpful due to the disability benefits, for I can no longer hold down a job.  I am in moderate to severe pain every moment of everyday.  I have been to the Emergency room & they pretty much tell me its all in my head.  I am in such a bad way I now rely on my husband for help in my day to day life and activities, ie.  bathing, cleaning and even changing my sons diaper.  I go see my primary doctor tomorrow and to be quite honest I can't wait.  I would appreciate advice or even someone else suffering from these same symptoms./