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I am currentlyl taking 10mg of Hydrocodone, 75mg of Lyrica and 100mg of Trazadone which only helps me temporarily.

I had neck surgery in Feb of 2012 which of course affected my nerves and I also have carpal tunnel syndrome which I have not had surgery because I am scared to because of the neck surgery which did not do much good as I know have made matters worse for me.

The doctors seem to down play my disease as it has been diagnosed as neuropathy.

I don't know what  to do!!!




I came back to this forum to report on my experience.  I developed peripheral neuropathy following parathyroid surgery-burning sensations in my feet, prickling in my hands and sometimes my whole body, and sometimes a feeling like I was being zapped with an electric current.  It was horrible. Went to neurologist who had no idea why I got it. Found a research study from Mayo clinic that found 33 people that developed neuropathy post-surgery for problems that had nothing to do with the nervous system. They found that immunosuppressants helped them. However, immunosuppressants are powerful meds with many side effects.  I had read that Amitriptyline (tricyclic antidepressant) was also used for nerve pain. MD presscribed as a trial.  I started taking 25 mg and within 1 day I was much better. I never needed to take a higher dose, though I was told I could increase the dose gradually to 100mg. It has been about 6 weeks and while symptoms can be a little annoying at times, I mostly don't even notice. So, worth a try for anyone experiencing this.  I did try to get off the medication(I hate having to take anything), thinking the neuropathy might have just "gone away" but within 2 days symptoms were all back. Restarted and in 2 days was fine.