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I'm 41 years old woman. 3 years ago I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I'm having so much trouble with my skin. First, shaving legs causes havoc to my skin every time, especially in my bikini zone and thighs. Skin in these parts becomes very itchy and inflamed for days. I apply Betadine after shaving and it helps a bit. Second problem is dry skin on my stomach and back. They're literally covered in dry spots that sometimes are flakey like dandruff. Also, I have these small patches on my thighs both front and back. If I scratched them, they come off in white scales. They look like a barely visible rash, they're slightly raised and they don't itch. I have similar patches on my upper arms. But if I start to scratch these I can't stop scratching. I have tons of tiny red bumps on my arms, shoulder and neck. When I scratched these they also come off in thin white layers. My skin also looks a lot older. It's dehydrated, thin and pale. I also have a lot of wrinkles on my hands and around my eyes and mouth. Could these skin problems be somehow related to fibromyalgia? My doctor can't tell what's wrong.



There are a number of skin problems associated with fibromyalgia.  It's is possible to be fine one moment and all of a sudden have burning sensations and become itchy.  If you scratch this, welts can form.  You can end up with red and inflammed itchy patches that have lines through them. This is often referred to as skin writing.  You can generate all kinds of skin reactions just by drying yourself off with a towel.  You might try seeing a neurologist about this.  I would stop shaving if I were you.  If you can wear pants to work, then you can conceal your hairy legs..  I not certain about your flakey dandruff type patches.  I'm not familiar with those.  But, I'd say you need to see a doctor.