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Ive been to doctors & they said it is excema, however it is not itchy or red. I am a tanned female and I have small white patches of skin EVERYWHERE round my body? It looks disgusting and im only wearing trousers and a jumper. I hate my arms and Legs! Please can someone relate to this?


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Eczema can also manifest as scattered, scaly, dry, white patches anywhere on the body. You may also be able to see tiny white bumps across the skin.

Other possible causes of white patches can be skin conditions such as pityriasis alba that usually affects children from 3 to 16 and tinea versicolor, which is superficial fungal infection very similar to ringworm.

Also, sun can cause white pathces at the end of the summer.

Since you have already been seen by a doc, it is probably eczema. Was it a dermatologist you had seen?