I have had these welts breaking out often over the past few years with no rhyme or reason. Big red hot itchy sore stinging welts, they often break and bleed, last for weeks and have left a lot of scars. Mostly on arms and legs, sometimes on back or shoulders, thankfully not on the face. Have lost track of how many visits to family Dr, internist, dermatology and allergist. Had hundreds of dollars of creams and salves, antihistamines, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, no success. Skin cultures, lots of lab work, skin biopsy show nothing. Suggested has been foliculitis, impetigo, eczema, cellulitis, allergy, autoimmune, morgellons, no positive diagnosis, no success. I take estrogen, synthroid and crestor., highly allergic to compazine and anything in the phenothiazine family. Any insights and suggestions appreciated. Thank you.