I am 15F. For as long as I can remember, I've been getting my body hairs stuck in these little oil bumps that form by themselves. To put this out of the way, I am unnaturally hairy for a girl, let alone my age. I have very hairy arms and legs (surprisingly barely any armpit hair). I even have hairy knuckles and toes. I have hair also on my back, stomach, chest, boobs, pubic area, etc. These little oil bumps tend to form in the same general areas of my body: my inner thighs, my knees, the front of my calves, a little on my forearms, a little on my stomach, and sometimes on my toes. It is hard to describe what the oil bumps are like; I always look up things like ingrown hairs but that is more extreme than what I have. I don't shave my legs and I barely ever use nair (maybe like 2 or 3 times a year). So it can't be caused from improper shaving. Its like the pores where the hairs are are filled with like a hard oil substance and the hairs grow into these little bumps and they coil up and stay like that until i pick them out. It's also annoying bc I have minor dermographism, its a condition where your skin puffs up from minor scratches It happens to most people with deeper scratches, but with people who have dermographism, it occurs from the tinyest scratch or abrasion that the skin gets. My case is minor bc it doesn't happen super often but it doesn't happen at the normal rate of other people. (Sorry im getting off topic) Ok so, whenever I have to pick out the oil bumps, they puff up and its really annoying. It's not even like I felt pain from it. Anyways, what are these oil bumps called? Does anyone else experience this? How do I stop this from happening?