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for several years I hve had a condition of blotches on my legs and forearms which itched and then left raw red areas and some bleeding. not always.
elbows and knees were with tough layer of skin and when scratched bleed. now this has spread to back area and the itching is more severe with less blotches. Bleeding is still there when scratched.
Topical applications have not worked. even tried iodine which seemed to help on open sores on m y lower legs. could not get them to heal due to scratching mainly. the skin in that area just comes off in flakes when you rub it and its a baasic open sore. Some say it is mid psorisis but its also where my skin comes in contact with clothes. Also I am on warvarin for about the time that I have had this problem but its getting worse. I am also 73, play golf and in the summer months it gets better to a degree. never goes away fully. right now the bloches look better on upper thighs but the upper back is more itchy like it is starting up. but that area mainly looks rough and itches.
trying to get in to my dermetologist but they son't seem to get too excited so I am trying all kinds of creams and they don't do much. comes and goews. can you give any advice. he blotches are normally about 3/8 inch toless than 1/2 inch and once you scratch them they come off and then you bleed for a while.

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I too have been suffering for several months with similar symptoms. I get the most extreme itch, so I scratch very hard for around 20-30 seconds at least...till the intensity goes away. I finally feel relief, BUT them I'm left with round, concave sores that bleed (a lot)! It started on my thighs, and upper arms, then included my back. It traveled down my legs & basically stopped by my ankles. My arms and now the top of my hands have the same problem! I am so upset, depressed and devasted by what I look like. Went to a dermatologist (when it was on my thighs) & she said I had scabies. I did the full treatment pyrthericin. Still had & have same problem. Did a biopsy of skin; results=hypersensitive dermatitis. The only new medicine I went on around the same time as the symptoms began is Lyrica. Dosage increased & symptoms increased. Now I'm being weaned off Lyrica. I pray that this will disapear when I finally stop taking it. If it doesn't-I feel like I'll just go crazy. Any thoughts?