I am 44 year old female recently diagnosed with Hoshimoto's disease. My THS was very low, my throid is slightly enlarged, no goiter. I have had horrible anxiety along with many other physical and emotional symptoms. Most of them being of hyperthyroid. I am very active , I am a Fitness instructor so exercise is a huge part of my life, and being so tired makes it very hard to do my job. My Endo put me on 112 mg Synthroid daily along with 5mg Cytomel 2X daily. I am only on the Cytomel for 2 months. I felt immediatly better after 1 day, on thew meds . I beleive it is the Cytomel that is doing that so quick from what I have read and what my Endo has told me. I anyone can shed some more light on what this Hoshimotos is I would greatly appreciate it.I have to be honest some of the posts I read are very scary and depressing. But I am very positive in attitude so I try not to get too down now that I have this Autoimmune problem.