My symptoms:
Severe pain and swelling around vagina withing minutes of contact with semen (husband's semen only - never had issues in the past)
All symptoms subside within approx. 1-2 hours
No symptoms when a condom is used
mild to moderate symptoms if a condom is only used just prior to ejaculation

2 years ago, I was finally dx with HSPH (allergic to semen) since all other STD, Infection, etc tests came back negative. I also have adult onset asthma that has been severe in the past but has been under control the past few years. Also have quite a few allergies and have had allergy injections but have not followed through for more than 1 year.

My question is:
Is it still HSPH if I only experience paid during urination? Occasionally I will have some swelling, but it isn't painful. However, I am prone to UTI's and I find urinating immediatly after intercourse helps prevent them. But it is when I urinate that I experience the intense pain all over the external vagina. If I can hold out and not urinate for about 1 -2 hours - everything is usually fine, but then I find I'm much more prone to UTI's.
Any Suggestions?!?!?
And does anyone know of a Dr. or study going where someone has more experience with this issue?