A new GI ran blood tests which had never been run before because of my symptoms on examination: my Iron was way up and my Lipase was over 700- Dx was Severe Pancreatitis - he gave me specific instructions not to eat or end up in the hospital.

I didn't eat for 4.5 days ; did feel better ; more tests were ordered and so far the Lipase came back and it showed my Lipase back to normal.

I have not had the severe pain that should have come with this attack..I always have stomach pain and have had upper pain for a long time just always thought it was the Crohns...but my low back was extremely painful and I just thought that was from a car accident in January ...after my levels went down that pain left too... so is it really pancreatitis? Could I have it but not have the agony that I read about? I know I have dealt with pain for a very long time but I would think this would have been much worse.

I have slowly started eating again and the only thing really bothering me is the low back pain again ... but I just don't know if that is really connected...how do I know these things ??

He is convinced it is what it is ... I am very very tired...fell asleep at work today ( nobody around) but every day this week I can't keep my eyes open past 1:30 in the afternoon...is that one of the symptoms too ?

I just am not sure the dx is really right ? Could I have this and not be suffering terrible pain?
Thanks for your answers...