Hi I'm a 16 yearold. And i just had sex for the first time with my boyfriend with no condom. He didn't cum inside me or anything he pulled out right on time. A few days after, i had my period. Maybe it's just me being paranoid again. But i just wanna know the possibilities that you could still get pregnant even after you just had your period. Cause i've been feeling tired a lot and like some back pains and i've been craving for food a WHOLE LOT. In fact i feel like i've been gaining some weight already cause of all the food i've been eating. Anyway. I know these are also signs that you could just be having your period again. And i'm irregular so it's probably that. But i just wanna be sure. PLEASE HELP. I'm losing my mind. Also i've heard of the pre-cum thing that boys get.. So.. I don't know. Is it possible to get pregnant even after your period? o.O