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for the past 3 months i've noticed that i get diarrea on the first day of my period
it wasn't so bad the first time, but the second and third time i was in bed all day because i felt so sick and sore
i talked to my old teacher who used to be a nurse and she suggested maybe it was because i had an unbalanced diet
i don't want to see a doctor again because the last time i did, he was pretty useless and it costs money
also, if i go again, i'll probably get tested and i seriously hate and am afraid of blood tests
but i've had my period for 3-4 years now, and pretty much the entire time, i feel sick on the first day of my period. sometimes i'll be in bed for half the day. is the diarrea just that?
i've put this question in the womens and intenstine section but didn't get any replies
please if anyone knows anything or has any suggestions, it would be greatly apprececiated!


OK, I can appreciate your frustration with spending money and not getting a useful reply.

On the other hand, that doesn't sound like a normal and 'healthy' period: bear in mind, periods are by design, a makeover once a month so you're in top shape for nature's goal for you: diarrhoea (uk sp), loose, liquid bowe movements (gross, I know apologies) is not exactly a natural part of that makeover.

That doesn't make it a crisis, but it does make it an anomaly, something that obviously you'd like to resolve.

If you want an 'expert' opinion, (I'm an experienced adult, not a medical professional) you might try the contact us section of this site, or you're going to have to be wililng to pay for the advice they've gone to years of med school to learn. Bear in mind, 'I don't know' is a legitimate, if frustrating answer.

You can help advance medical science, by in effect starting your own research project, keeping asking until you get answers you like, which may take a little of your money, but will also help thousands of other women with your situation - you're not unique in having had this experience, and you could make a difference to a lot of people's lives.

Every thing you take to make your life more pleasant or convenient, including birth control pills, for example, was researched, studied, tested, trialled by human guinnea pigs, and finally marketed - all costing far more money than you or I are ever likely to have - because a woman or guy somewhere had a problem, and someone took the time to make a difference.

That could be you. It doesn't have to be, but it could be.

If you just want the answer, no money, then let's see who you could ask:

- this site was a rational choice, but there's not many 'respondents', just a lot of questioners, and I don't have the answer, I'm afraid, so not too good so far
- google periods and diarrhea (your sp) and see what you get, do a little online research
- women's groups: as you say, talking to a former nurse is sensible
- pharmacy, chemist or clinic: they may offer their diagnosis for free

There's the twist: time vs money, and value for money. Good luck.

ps: there's one last avenue you can try: if (scientific) medicine isn't working, check out the new age section in your bookstore, or find your local new age / spiritual bookshop. They'll almost certainly be willing to help, because - guess what - they tend to be nice, decent people.