I have recently had an operation to remove a fish bone that got lodged in my throat. The operation took place 11 days ago. The procedure was called a 'Rigid Oesophagoscopy'. I was quite nervous to have it done as the surgeons were not sure that the fish bone had passed down naturally. (I'ts a long story). Conseqently after having this operation i now find myself in consideral pain and distress. I am unable to swallow any solid food and can freqently find it hard to even get liquids down me. Currently i have lost a stone in weight.I have been on numerous medications including two types of antibiotics which have given me oral thrush. I suspect that the thrush has gone into my oesophagus. My oesophagus feels tight and inflammed and my throat feels continually tense and i feel as if i have a hot lump stuck in my throat. I have been unable to sleep and always wake up in a blind panic most nights as i find it extremly difficult to swallow. i have been back and forth to the Hospital, GP and Urgent Care Department due to the distess of not being able to swallow and feeling as if i am choking. I am not a person that likes to be ill and i definitely have had my fill of visiting Doctors and Hopitals etc, their advice is often contradictory. I am now very concerned, because my symptons are persistant and distessing. can anyone advise me.