Hi, I was wondering if you could help me. I have M.E., hiatus hernia, injecting type 1 diabetic etc. and on a lot of meds. I've been getting problems with eating solids. The food, particularly meat, would lodge at the top of my oesophagus after swallowing rather than in my throat. It's scary but I am able to breath, although when I breath or try to swallow I just get a gurgling sound. I am unable to gag it up or swallow it down with water for example. If I press my Adam's apple there is a 'click' and it moves, although it's not necessarily on pressing it, it happens wherever I press. I'm finding now I can't even lodge it out at all. I do take Lansoprazole and strong Gaviscon but with no help so I'm sure it's not my hiatus hernia. Thank you.