Since almost 9 months, I have been suffering from pain in throat while swallowing. The pain is not too sharp but it pains. The pain is even when I swallow saliva. I feel like the exact point where we swallow, something scratches the throat. This is similar to pharyngitis, but there is :

no fever

no change in voice

no blocking in respiration

no blockage in oesophagus

no hear pain or acidity

no stomach ache

no bad odour from mouth 

just mild pain which never stopped for these months

I have got ultrasound done for throat region and everything came out as normal. Also, I have got barium swallow done which came out as normal. I don't want endoscopy which is pending.. I have got swab test done which did not show any pathogen development. 

I don't know which part of throat is causing this pain. Just what I know is when we are about to swallow, something pains. Also when there are some small and hard food particle - it stucks in that area and gives pain. Finally I get to drink water to clear them. 

Please help me, its a puzzle which I am unable to resolve. I have been asked for endoscopy, but I know it has itself so many complications.