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I'm wondering why whenever I need a strong narcotic Dilaudid works much better than morphine. The problem though is that I find Dilaudid, especially the injectable kind, extremely addictive. While I'm a recovering addict (I became addicted because of chronic medical problems thoughout the years) I find myself at times still obssessing over Dilaudid. Not as much as I used to but enough where it bothers me. I wonder if it will ever go away.


i am a recovering alcoholic and am very cautious about meds due to the fact that i have 2 very painfull disc in my neck i keep oxycodone on hand when everything else fails i take it but i hate it all the pain meds make me nausious

last nite i recieved a very bad cut that took the top of my left wrist down to the bone and at the er they gave me a shot of dilaudid

afterwards i got the feeling i didnt give a c**p what they did and i still had a small burning sensation but not bad and NO nausia

i found it to be the most efective pain reducer i have ever had and i have morphine many times

it was my first time with this medication and it was the most efective

i didnt leave me wanting more just plain did the job when i needed it most