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Hi, my brother has aspergers syndrome and is always doing weird things. I found out today he is selling Diphenhydramine on line, we live in the UK so he buys it from the US then sells it worldwide. I am very concerned about this and think is must be illegal.... does anyone know? I am scared he may cause harm to someone as he is not qualified to do this...

Thank you in advance


Diphenhydramine is readily available over the counter without a script. So i guess i don't quite get it. But if used as a recreation drug which i'm guessing thats why he sells it, it can be quite dangerous. If taken in large quantities, it has a profound affect on every part of the body.
With the most severe side affect, heart attack, coma and death.
This is something that you must tell your parents. Your brother is making money selling drugs on line, not to mention that he might be putting someones life in danger.