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I have been taking of suboxone times a day for about 4 months now and it has been a new world compared to using herion everyday.

My problem is I have been self-medicating my severe depression and anxiety. I have tried several time setting up appt.s with Psychiatrists but I have had no success. I have resorted to taking benzos for anxiety, smoking weed, adderall, anything to get me out of bed. (I realize adderall and benzos have almost opposite effects but my depression depletes all my energy and after work I take a few klonopin for anxiety.)

I know my doctor won't continue my suboxone if I can't produce a clean urine but I can't live a productive life without some help with my diagosed mental health issues.

So now I've avoided my doctor and missed 2 appointments now after what I thought was tapering off but I am so sick today being the 3rd or 4th day.

I don't know what to do. I can't go to detox, my job is supporting my house and dying mother so losing it is not an option.

Any advice would help!!!!

-Sick at work


Does you Doctor check your urine on the day you see him? and does he make sure you are clean right away before he writes you a script? or does he send your urine to a lab, and gets a result a few days later?.....

the reason I am asking is, if you can go to your Doctor and get out of there with a months worth of Sub. and if he test you and you come up positive atleast you got another month supply of Sub...
this way you wont be sick. and you have a month to find a Psychiatrist. alot of psychiatrist are qualified to give Suboxone.

If you can't find one that does, then you must bring this to your doctors attention!!!..
let him know your situation with your job/ bills /and sickMother...he just might help you.
you can go to and do a search in your area for another doctor if this one wont help you...
remember, you are in control. your working and paying your way... the hell with him if he wont help you!! get a second opinion.


Frankie V:

That's some fine advice you're giving. You're helping this person score more suboxone while they've admitted to popping benzos? Did you know there's a high fatality rate associated with the combination of suboxone and benzos?

"Guest" has their hands full. Despite being in treatment, they've made little effort to stop using. Making "several" efforts in getting to a psych "with no success" simply doesn't justify the continued use. I also have issue with your suggestion that he find another DATA2000 therapist to snake some more suboxone from, given that guest continues to use.

There comes a time when we all must take responsibility for the things we do, when we stop making the same wrong decisions. Getting help is only part of that effort and the help you're offering really isn't help at all.


Agree totally!!I take both of them whenrremembered.