Well, I'm going on 2 yrs since i orginally got injured. I was lifting alot of heavy things and redoing a house, taking care of 2 parents w/cancer...i started feeling pain into my left foot...went to a chirpractor with no help. Had MRI's done of my back and neck, was told I had a few pinched nerves, and spinal stenosis, and some bulging discs in my lower back, regions from L2/L3, L4/L5, and a tear a T-11, as well as 6 herniated/bulging discs in my neck....I was no stranger to the neck pain from an old injury, but was never told i had any herniation there...I also have DDD. Most of my pain is in the real low section of my back, down by my tailbone area., and now the pain is in both feet, has spread up into my legs, had the leg cramping and swelling in my calfs, and swelling and pain on the top of feet, bottom of feet, and toes., have also had pain after that into my hands and arms with redness, blotchyness, difference in hair growth, as well as sensitivity issues in all limbs, i cant tolerate the cold, it kills my feet and my legs. I cant even stand the ceiling fan, kills my feet and legs even more....I have had problems with maintaining a proper body temperture as well, the top half can sweat, and the legs and feet be ice cold with horrible pain. They have given me 3 epidurals in my lower back, didn't help much, I have had morphine for pain, kepra for the nerve pain apparently, baclofen for the muscle spasms in my calfs, and a few other medications, they now have me on Fentynyl patches and morphine for break thru... I'm not really sure the Fentynyl is doing much glory, and the morphine helps get the feet warmer and kinda just takes the edge off. Its constant radiating pain 24/7, with bad flare ups to where I cant even sleep at nights. Now, they find i have high white blood cell count more than once, sent me to Hemo Dr. he asked if I been on steroids or lithium lately?, I told him I had oral steroids in the beginning of treatment for the calf muscle swelling, they helped like for 3 days, and that was it, and also had the epidurals which I believe contain steroids as well...but that was awhile ago....i still having gotten back the results from the new blood work yet. They have also tested me for HIV, LIMES, ARTHRITIS, HEPITITIS, etc...all negative., but the last blood work that showed the white blood cell count up, also showed inflammation some where...and my family dr. said the worse possible senerio would be in the bone marrow, and thats why she sent me to see Hemo....Im so tired of being in pain 24/7...and I also had 2 MRI's of my brain done, showed some dialated capillaries bunched up in 2 sections, but the neurologist said he didnt think it was anything to be concerned with, and to follow up in a yr. Does anyone have any advice?, or suggestion to help me with a diagnosis or relief of pain. I cant sit, stand, or walk long at all, and more walking causes MORE pain in my feet and back. My life has changed dramatically from all this....PLEASE HELP!!!!