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Ok i started discharging b4 my peroid and i have had it ever scinc and it doesent stop! Is there somthing wrong.


But what kind of discharge are you talking about? Is it menstrual flow-like or white discharge that may be associated with std’s but also with normal discharge that women experience throughout their cycles.

Hi! Persistent white vaginal discharge often indicates an infection in the vagina. White vaginal discharge may be a sign of genital warts, cervical dysplassia, which are abnormal cells on the cervix, sexually transmitted diseases like trichomoniasis or bacterial vaginosis, and a symptom of candidiasis a.k.a yeast infection, which is not an std but needs to be treated anyway.

Most of these infections have additional symptoms like itchiness, redness, bad smell, etc.
Do you have any of the accompanying symptoms?

Did you have many sexual activities before and after your period? It happens often to me that I experience excessive vaginal discharge when I have sex regularly, like 5-6 days in a raw.

When was the last time you visited a gynecologist? I reckon now id the perfect timing.