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For around 3 days now i've been experiencing severe itching in my vagina, aswell as a slight burning sensation after I pee.

Not sure if this is thrush, as I've not had any unusual discharge or external itching, but I think I could have cystitis as I do need to pee more often and the itching does seem to be limited to the bladder area...

Any ideas about treatments? Or are the symptoms likely to go away by themselves?


Hi there,

The often urination might be caused by urinary tract infection. But if you have a discharge you might have yeast infection as well. You should know that urinary tract infection and yeast infection is very common in women and many women experience these problems more then once in their life time. The thing is that urinary tract infection can be treated on its own and with help of antibiotics. The yeast infection can be treated with better hygiene or with some topical creams for vaginal area. You should try to take better care of your vaginal area in next several days in order to get rid of this itchiness that you experience.

All the best,