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I had a small amount of brown discharge for about 3-4 days. No oder, no pain. It was not time for my period. A week later I have had pressure and some stabbing pains in lower pelvic & back. It's now mostly pressure and I seem bloated. I noticed weight gain about a month ago. I had a period the month before & it's not yet time for the next one. My tubes were tied 12 years ago. So pretty sure pregnecy is not an option.
To sum up:
Weight gain-5Lbs. could be from bloating
Brown Discharge
Week later-Strong stabbing pains- pelvic & tailbone area lasted a couple days.
Now pressure in lower stomach-pelvic & talbone area.


Just to totally use an icebreaker for the beginning of this conversation, the longer time goes after your tubes are tied, the higher percent of chances to become pregnant!! As I'm sure you are aware, tubals are 99.99% effective, that drops each 5 years! SO depending on your age, and when you had unprotected sex, you COULD be pregnant! BUT not lets go there till I help you figure out some more things first! Could you tell me the following

1. When was your last period?
2. Are your periods regular?
3. How old are you?
4. When did you have unprotected sex?

I will help you further OK?