Hi all! I too have experienced most of the situations y'all have mentioned. Approx three months ago i began having belly pain, cramping, and just pain everyday, i lost my appetite, thought I had an ulcer, my Dr ordered blood tests, ct scan, and ultrasound, a day later the Dr called and told me i had some condition called pelvic congestion syndrome.  I also got very bloated and literally look like i am pregnant, its quite painful, and constant pain, nausea, and as mentioned by others i just feel that something is not right, the dr looks at me like im crazy and doesnt seem to want to give me anything for the pain because she cant find a diagnosis. Now most recently for past two weeks, my tailbone has been very sore sitting, standing, walking and sleeping, my sciatica is inflammed and causing much more pain than i can find words for, another xray showed a have a curve in my lower spine, i did fracture my tailbone last year and have had no recent falls, i am now taking Flexeril and a back brace has to be on whenever im up out of bed, and still my original complaints have not been resolved, im miserable, i feel empathy for people that have a bad back. Thank you for allowingme to share.